4 days in England

English students of CVO Janitor went on a four-day trip to Oxford and its surroundings.

oxford college

We spent our first day of the visit in Oxford. As we all know this city locates one of the oldest universities in the world, (unofficially) established in 1096. Probably it was the second after the Sorbonne in Paris.
Old students of Oxford that we all know are for instance the British Prime Ministers Edward Heath, Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair, David Cameron and Theresa May, or world wide well known people like Benazir Bhutto, Bill Clinton, Oscar Wilde, T.E. Lawrence and Stephen Hawking.
This famous university does not have a main campus. Its buildings and facilities are scattered all over the city centre. It contains 38 colleges, places where students live their daily lives. The most famous college is Christ Church, founded by cardinal Thomas Wolsey under King Henry VIII, with not only rooms for the students but also with huge sports pitches, a wonderful dining room for students and professors and even a marvelous cathedral.
It really is an astonishing place in the centre of the city.

Although the historic centre of Oford is dominated by the university buildings and its students, it is also a beautiful and wealthy town with many pubs and restaurants. Outside the city we find the main factory of the Mini cars, owned by BMW.

For our second day we went to Bath in the county of Somerset, known for its Roman built baths. Several hot springs produce water with curative features and with a constant temperature of 46° Celcius. After the Roman times and during the Middle Ages the city lost its importance but later in the Georgian era (17th century) it became popular again as a spa. Georgian classical architecture dominates the city. Today Bath is a very attractive city. The whole centre is classified as world heritage site.

Wim Boon student English 2.3

blenheim palacechrist churchcorswolds

Janitor trip to Oxford: Day three

It was an early morning and the weather forecast didn’t look too good, they expected rain, but finally it would turn out to be a very acceptable day with only a little bit of rain.

Everybody was happy and enjoyed their breakfast, at nine o’clock the Cotswolds Tour started and a charming lady would be our guide for the entire trip. The first stop was at a typical small village, with the name of Burford.

Burford with the beautiful St. John the Baptist Church.

The beautiful town of Burford on the river Windrush was the site of a fortified ford in Anglo-Saxon times. The town grew to be an important crossroads and very wealthy wool town and is today very popular with visitors.

The broad main street slopes gently down to the river and is lined with old houses and ancient cottages and many shops all of which appear little changed since Tudor times.
There are wonderful little side streets to explore, old pubs, tea and antique shops . The 15th century parish church of St. John Baptist is magnificent and is another sign of riches based on wool. While we visited the beautiful church we got lucky and could enjoy a choir rehearsing some church songs.

After having a drink we continued our trip.


Bibury with the Church of St Mary.

Bibury is situated in the Gloucestershire Cotswolds on the River Coln. The village was once described by William Morris 'the most beautiful village in the Cotswolds'.
The village centre clusters around a square near St. Mary's, a Saxon church. Some of the Saxon remains inside the church are replicas as the originals are housed in the British Museum.

One of the village's main tourist spots and overlooking a water meadow and the river is Arlington Row, a group of ancient cottages with steeply pitched roofs dating back to the 16th Century.

It was very busy , it was a Saturday, and we just managed to get off the bus and make a short walk to Arlington Row. That gave us the opportunity to take some nice photos.


Bourton-on-the-Water has been described as the 'Little Venice of The Cotswolds'. The river Windrush is crossed by several low, arched stone bridges. The village is one of the most popular tourist spots in the region being serviced by the many shops, cafe's, and attractions.

After this nice visit and a lovely lunch we went back to Oxford where we arrived around 4 P.M. and enjoyed a free afternoon.
We used that time to continue our exploration of the town of Oxford and had a pleasant evening meal with a part of the group.

After this beautiful day we returned back to the hotel, tired but very happy.


Eric De la Ruelle, student gevorderden 3, en Patrick Nys, leraar Engels.

Sunday, the last day of our tour in England.

After our last full English breakfast, we hopped on the coach ( with all our luggage ), up to Woodstock to visit Blenheim Palace. It would be a sunny day.

Blenheim Palace: It's a masterpiece of Barok architecture. Its history goes back to the 18the century. The Royal Manor of Woodstock, more than 2000 acres ( 1 acre=0.404 hectare ), was given by Queen Anne to the 1st Duke of Marlborough to honour him for his heroic victories over the French army, including the Battle of Blenheim. With it came also a gift of £ 240.000 with which he could build a house to commemorate his achievements.

Now, it's the home of the 12th Duke of Marlborough. The estate is also a Unesco World Heritage Site. The Palace contains a very beautiful collection of sculptures, furniture, paintings, and so on. There is also a permanent exhibition on Winston Churchill because he was born in the Palace, his mother gave birth during a visit to their family. Churchill’s father was the brother of the 8th Duke of Marlborough.

The estate also contains a beautiful park, with the Great Lake, the Grand Cascade and more than thousand planted trees. During the centuries, the garden got more special places, like the formal garden with water terraces and the Duke's private Italian garden and later the Pleasure Garden, now a family garden with the big Marlborough Maze and Butterfly House.

You can spend an entire day there, but unfortunately, we only had four hours. So at 2 p.m. after having lunch, we got on the coach, direction Dover. When we arrived at Dover we had an earlier ferry, everybody happy. On the deck of the ferry, we saw the white cliffs of Dover disappear at the horizon. Every story has an end, we had good company, laughed a lot and had seen beautiful places.
Mia ( our careful bus driver ) brought us home to Janitor after a great trip.

We really enjoyed this trip: good weather, nice company and lots of beautiful places!
We thank Patrick, our teacher, for the organisation, and Cem, our other English teacher, for his support during this tour.

Benny Vercauteren Student English 2.3


Workshop Chileens koken

Workshop Chileens koken

Patty nos aprendió dos recetas típicas de la cocina chilena … en español: empanadas (de pino / de camarones) y alfajores. ¡Nos lo pasamos de maravilla!
Los estudiantes del cuarto año de español.

Patty leerde ons (vierde jaar Spaans) twee typisch Chileense recepten. Met vlees of gambas gevulde “broodjes” en alfajores: koekjes van maïzena met kokos, heerlijk licht en lekker!

Uitstap naar Brugge op 04 juni 2016

brugge201606 07La classe d'italiano è stata sabato 4 giugno in gita a Bruges alla ricerca delle testimonianze lasciate dagli italiani nella storia della cittá.

Una guida ci ha portato attraverso i vicoli e le costruzioni di Bruges spiegandoci (ovviamente in italiano) come mercanti, banchieri e artisti hanno contribuito ad arricchire la città di Bruges.

brugge201606 15

Abbiamo scoperto tanto del passato di Bruges e tanto degli italiani che ci sono passati: veneziani, genovesi, lucchesi, fiorentini e milanesi. Tante le personalitá che abbiamo incrociato: Dante e Beatrice, gli Arnolfini, i De Medici fino a Jan Van Eyck.
Dopo tanto camminare ci siamo premiati con un pranzo nel ristorante italiano Osteria 45, con un buon antipasto, pasta alla matriciana e tagliatelle al tartufo.

Una giornata divertente alla scoperta di un po' d'Italia vicino a noi.

De klas Italiaans was zaterdag 4 juni 2016 op een excursie in Brugge op zoek naar Italiaanse sporen in de geschiedenis van de stad.

Een gids heeft ons rond gebracht door de steegjes en gebouwen van Brugge waar kooplieden, bankiers en kunstenaars hebben bijgedragen aan het verrijken van de stad Brugge. De uitleg was natuurlijk in het Italiaans.
We hebben veel ontdekt over het verleden van Brugge en over de Italianen die hier passeerden uit verschillende italiaanse steden: Genova, Venezia, Lucca, Firenze en Milano.
We hebben grote persoonlijkheden uit het verleden ontmoet: van Dante en Beatrice tot Arnolfini, van De Medici tot Jan Van Eyck.
Na veel wandelen, werden we beloond met een lunch in het Italiaans restaurant Osteria 45, met een goed voorgerecht, pasta alla amatriciana en tagliatelle met truffel.
Een leuke dag om een vleugje Italië dicht bij ons te ontdekken.

Claudia Bresolin

Meer foto's in onze fotogalerij

Uitstap naar Gent op 03 mei 2016

Hoy los estudiantes de español hemos ido a Gante para hacer un recorrido en bici por los grafitti más impresionantes que hayamos visto en nuestra vida.

Dinsdag 03 mei 2016 zijn we met de cursisten Spaans (Gevorderden 1-4) naar Gent getrokken voor een fietstocht langs de meest indrukwekkende graffiti-kunst die we ooit gezien hebben.

Anna, colega de Janitor, y guía de la ciudad, logró contagiarnos con su entusiasmo por este arte callejero.
¡Gracias, Anna!

Anna, collega Spaans van Janitor, en stadsgids, is er zonder problemen in geslaagd om ons helemaal warm te maken voor deze straatkunst.
Dank je wel, Anna!


Meer foto's in onze fotogalerij

Three days in London with Janitor


Almost 950 years ago, during the Battle of Hastings, Europeans crossed the Channel to convey their culture from the Continent to Britain. But British people always were very stubborn and kept their own traditions. Nowadays we still cross the Channel but now it’s to visit and admire their culture. And we saw so many beautiful things in England!

In June 2015 we left with a group of 21 people for a city trip to London. It was the first time Patrick took students of Janitor with him to visit the British capital. The 5th of June we had to be at the Janitor car park at 5.30 a.m.

In Calais there was a big problem. One student needed a visa to get to England and didn’t have one so she had to go back to Sint-

In Hyde Park we admired the rose garden, the squirrels and the ice cream. Niklaas on her own.
Having arrived in London, we first visited the Albert and Victoria Museum where we also ate in a sunny garden. A very curious student S. was able to activate the alarm… So we ran away to Harrods. There we were amazed by the extravagant luxury and the high prices. So we were only ‘rucksack spectators’ here.

It was almost a two-hour trip by underground to go to our hotel in Greenwich.

The second day of our stay in London, we had a busy programme. After visiting Shakespeare’s theatre, the Globe, a beautiful view and coffee on the roof terrace of Tate Modern and a visit to Borough Market, we went to the Tower of London. There was a long queue to admire the Crown Jewels, but in the meantime we chatted and laughed a lot. Later, there was a misunderstanding with our bus driver, Jaak, and we had to wait for 15 minutes. Fortunately the weather was sunny and the company excellent.


The last day, we could visit the British Museum, but we chose to go for a boat trip. We had to come back on foot and that took longer than expected. So we arrived too late in Oxford Street and couldn’t do any more shopping. What a pity!!!

In spite of the bomb alarm in Calais in the morning, there were no problems to board at Dover. On the boat, we were very busy: eating and making our writing task about our trip to 

(yes, our teacher P. gave us, students of the 6th year, a last assignment!). Let’s consider this task a tribute to all the culture we got to know in Britain…

The weather was beautiful, London was fantastic and the company was a fine one!
Thanks Patrick, for everything!

Discovering ‘Het Eilandje’

A few weeks ago, Patrick, our teacher, invited us for a walk in Antwerp on “Het Eilandje’. We planned a date and Patrick booked a tour on the Internet We used the services of the organization ‘Antwerpen Averechts’. We selected a tour of two hours with an English speaking guide and we chose the tour’ Kaaimannen en Schippersvrouwen’, a story of people, ships and old docks.

So last Friday, we went to Antwerp and gathered at the Mas. Our guide Chris welcomed us in English. He told us he was going to give us a lot of historic information about “Het Eilandje in a very special way.

We started our tour in the old port. Historic warehouses, rusty port cranes, old boats, docks, old bridges and locks,… reminded us that ‘ Het Eilandje’ has a past. By telling old stories the guide tried to bring back the past.


In the old harbour, the most beautiful warehouse is the ‘Felixpakhuis’, built in 1860. In the 19th century it was used to store coffee, cheese, cereals and tobacco. We went inside and were very surprised. Inside the building there is a street… The street connects the historic center with “Het Eilandje”. The street is also used for fire protection. In 2006 it was opened as the ‘Felixarchief’, where you find archives of individuals, organizations and companies. In 2009 a restaurant opened, and 2 halls are used for different purposes (parties, exhibitions,…)kaai

We continued our walk and passed the long building along the Scheldt, Hangar 26. In the 19th century this building was also used to store goods. In 2000 the building was renovated. Because of its beautifully layered wooden walls, they call it‘ het stekkendoosje’ ( box of matches). Now the building is used by ATV and other media companies. In the building you also find a lot of restaurants and bars.


Another very nice building is the ‘Red Star Line‘ museum, opened in 2013. The museum is similar to the Ellis Island museum in the USA. The building is completely renovated and a new part is added, a huge ship chimney, from which you have a view on Antwerp.
Between 1873 –1935 “The Red Star Line” was a shipping company. The company transported almost three million people from Antwerp to America. It’s an important place to remember the millions of emigrants who set out for a new life in the United States or Canada via Antwerp.


Finally we returned at the MAS. The MAS- built in 2010- is situated in the heart of ‘ Het Eilandje’. The abbreviation stands for ‘museum aan de stroom’, in English the museum on the river’. It is a huge and modern museum of 10 floors and made of red bricks. The structure of the building is very special, it looks like a tower of containers. On the roof you have a panoramic view of Antwerp. In the Mas you can also visit several exhibitions.
Since the MAS was built, the area has become a very attractive place for visitors. A lot of new cafes with big terraces and restaurants were opened. A new tourist attraction was born.

The city does everything to please the tourists on ‘Het Eilandje’, but Antwerp also wants to create a new attractive place for new citizens. The city is renovating some old historic buildings into nice lofts, very modern lofts behind a remarkable facade. Also new apartments are built on the bank of The Scheldt.
Everybody was very surprised by the renovation activity on ‘Het Eilandje’. We all said : It must cost a fortune…

We had a great evening. The stories that Chris told us and the walk on ‘Het Eilandje’ opened our eyes : Antwerp is an amazing city. We still have to discover a lot of other places.
Maybe next year.

Marie-Jeanne Demey (student English 2.3)

Otra vez Valladolid

El 9 de octubre 2014 salí otra vez para Valladolid...por el amor de España, por el amor de Valladolid, por el amor del español, y porque me gusta sumergirme en la vida castellana.
Valladolid es una ciudad que ofrece mucho (Mira mi artículo del año pasado: “Un curso de español en Valladolid del 20-10 hasta el 2-11-2013”) y todavía tiene esquinas, edificios históricos, incluso una playa que no había visto o visitado en 2013.


Además Valladolid es conocida como la cuna del español y tiene fama de ser el lugar donde se habla el mejor español del mundo.

Cuando la Fundación de la Lengua española me ofrece una beca para aprender la lengua, lo veo como una oportunidad que quiero aprovechar. Y no me he quejado!

lauraEl domingo fue un día de viaje: en coche de Kruibeke a Zaventem, en avión de Bélgica a España, en Alsa-autobus de Madrid a Valladolid (pero prefiero el tren porque es más comodo y más rápido) , en taxi de la estación hasta mi residencia en la Calle Colón, enfrente del Museo de Colón.
Cuando llegué a mi nuevo alojamiento –un apartamento en el quinto piso-, encontré a Laura, mi huésped, sus tres hijas con sus maridos, y sus dos nietos ... una gran família española simpática.
La misma noche Laura me mostró el centro de la ciudad. Me contó mucho de su historia de la qué sabía mucho. Laura es una licenciada en historia y trabaja como archivera. Me preparó una tortilla rica como cena.

El lunes fue el primer día de clase. Qué suerte: la sede de la Fundación y lugar donde se impartirán las clases había cambiado a la Calle Dos de Mayo 16 (Pasaje de la Marquesina 19), que es más central y solamente unos diez minutos a pie de mi casa. Otra ganga: la clase (nivel A2.2) solamente cuenta 6 estudiantes (yo incluida) y Nuria, nuestra profesora, es una persona entusiasta e inspirada. Los estudiantes son dos chicas de Francia, un hombre de Bélgica y dos hermanas de Israel – con quienes me correspondo en español y aún intercambio recetas!

La clase empezaba a las 9.30 de la mañana y duraba hasta las 2 de la tarde. Qué casualidad y suerte: había un bar al lado de la sede de la Fundación adonde íbamos durante la pausa de 11.30 a las 12 para tomar un café; si teníamos hambre pedíamos un churro o una tapa porque nos esparaban dos horas más de estudio intensivo!
bertA las 2 de la tarde Bert – mi compañero de Janitor –y algunos estudiantes y yo, íbamos a un restaurante típico (nuestros profesores nos habían dado algunos direcciones) y comíamos un menú del día rico por 10 euros, bebida incluida!!! Comer, charlar con una copa de vino, callejear, caminar por el parque, mirar los escaparates, visitar una librería, comprar algo para mis nietas en el Corte Inglés, y unas ropas para mí ;-) en una tienda de Desigual, buscar el DVD de la serie televisiva “Isabel la Católica” .... las tardes estaban demasiado cortas ...

El martes me quedé con Laura para ir juntas al cine a las 7 de la tarde. Vimos la película “La isla mínima” de Alberto Rodrigue, un thriller emocionante. Aunque comprendí la intriga sólo parcialmente, lo disfruté mucho por su cinematografía magnífica de las marismas del Guadalquivir. Una conversación sobre una película es más facil con una copa de vino. Laura me llevó a “Los Zagales” donde se sirven las mejores y originales tapas y pinchos de Valladolid: por ejemplo el pincho de oro 2009 ‘Obama en la casa blanca’ (para los interesados: hojaldrillo con huevo de corral trufado a baja temperatura crema de champis y patatas quemadas) y el ganador tapa nacional 2010 ‘Tigretostón’ (se compone de pan negro, tostón, morcilla, cebolla roja confitada y crema de queso). Mmmmm.....casaBlanca

En los bares de Valladolid hay un ambiente animado porque están llenos de gente del festival de cine “Semana Internacional de Cine” (Semininci). 

El miércoles no hay clase. La Fundación organiza excursiones a Segovia y Salamanca que de verdad son aconsejables. Como había visitado estas ciudades maravillosas el año pasado me quedé en Valladolid. Me levanté un poco más tarde, estudié un poco, visité la iglesia de Santa Ana, di un paseo a la playa de Valladolid donde algunos hombres estaban pescando, jóvenes estaban haciendo footing y unas mujeres estaban tomando el sol en monokini! No era nada extraño con temperaturas de más de 26 grados!

Había visto que hay una exposición sobre Goya en la Iglesia de la Pasión y que Valladolid oferta visitas guiadas gratuitas cada noche. Disfruté de la explicación sobre la figura de Goya y algunos de sus 200 grabados presentados aquí. Una verdadera revelación para mi!


En casa vi la tele con Laura que comentó las noticias, la situación de España, los escándalos en la familia real, los excesos de los banqueros ... y finalmente a las diez, comenzamos a cenar. Rico pero mucho mucho más tarde de lo que estoy acostumbrada. De la mesa a la cama ....

El jueves la clase comenzó con nuestros relatos del día anterior. Nuria infatigablemente corrigió nuestros errores de pronunciación, nos ayudó con el uso correcto del verbo, nos ofreció la palabra justa o un sinónimo y nos dió las correciones de nuestros deberes. El hecho que los estudiantes eran de diferentes países hizo las clases más interesantes. Otro reto: una visita a la peluquería. Quería sorprender a mi marido que vería el día siguiente. Pedí a Nuria la dirección de un peluquero; me dio la de la directora de la escuela! Entonces no pudo ser malo ... Sin embargo sudé mucho – y no por el calor – porque no fue fácil decir en español cómo quería mi pelo, y no había un libro con ejemplos!

profesoraLos otros estudiantes salieron el sabado pero para mi -por la cita aquella misma tarde con mi marido en Madrid - , este viernes fue el último día en Valladolid. Era el día de la entrega de nuestros certificados, el día de la despedida de nuestra profesora, de los compañeros de clase, de Laura. Dije “hasta la vista” con un sentimiento de satisfactión: había encontrado a gente simpática e interesante (y los contactos se mantienen), había aprendido mucho español, y había disfrutado la vida en Valladolid y el sol español!

Otra vez Valladolid? Si es posible, claro que sí!



Verslag Extremadura


Extremadura con el departamento de español - 13-18 april 2015

A todos los interesados:

El conjunto de la naturaleza y la cultura;
una organización a la perfección,
necesitamos nada más que un repetición;
con más que muchas gracias.

Allereerst al de perfecte organisatie: alles liep op wieltjes. Proficiat!

Die prachtige natuur van Extremadura en het nationale park van Monfragüe heeft ons het meeste aangesproken. We stonden er letterlijk eens ‘boven’ de gieren om ze te spotten.
Een moment ook om de stilte eens luider te zetten.
En voor eeuwig en 3 dagen linken we de naam ‘Isabel’ aan Extemadura! ;-)
Mooie herinneringen die we nooit vergeten!

Besos a todos!
Pascale en “José”

Het was een onvergetelijke reis.

Als eerste jaar soms wat vermoeiend om al dat Spaans te begrijpen, maar door de mooie vertaling van Mieke en Ine werd alles veel duidelijker.
Ik heb genoten van het wondermooie Mérida, het prachtige natuurpark, het 10 km tochtje in Guadalupe en het fijne gezelschap !
Je moet niet naar het drukke Rome gaan om van de Romeinse cultuur te genieten.

Gracias por todo ,hasta el próximo viaje!

Dag na dag de ontdekking van authentiek Spaanse steden.
Een fijne reisgroep met een uitstekend begeleidingsteam.
De mogelijkheid om het Spaans te oefenen, met indien nodig vertaling.
Een super keuze van hotels. Een optimale prijs kwaliteit verhouding.
Een onvergetelijke dag in het Natuurpark van Monfragüe.
We hebben intens bezocht en geleerd zonder dat het te vermoeiend werd.
Ann Flamend

Heb werkelijk genoten van deze mooie, afwisselende reis, perfect georganiseerd met voor ieder wat wils, cultuur, wildlife, ontspanning, perfecte hotels, vrije tijd, gidsen in het Spaans en Nederlands naar keuze. Hartelijk dank aan het mooie samenwerkende Janitor team. Zeker voor een vervolg vatbaar en niets dan lof. Een enthousiaste medereizigster. Muchas gracias.

No es 'extremo duro' decir algo sobre nuestro viaje hasta Extremadura,
para mí la palabra EXTREMADURA tendrá siempre el mismo significado como

Estancia de tranquilidad

eXcelente compañía
Tres guías formidables, pero no siempre dicen la verdad ;-)
Resplandecientes vistas de águila
Mentiras (solamente 3)
Aves de rapiña
Declives verdes con olivos, robles y encinas
Ultima copa de vino
Raciones de comida muy rica
Antigüedad e historia en Trujillo, Cáceres, Mérida y por supuesto en Guadalupe....

Muchas gracias por este viaje inolvidable,
Ludwig - Marleen

Verslag Parijs

Un récit poétique

Paris, 14-15 mars 2015

Grâce à Janitor, nous avons pu goûter avec tous nos sens!
Sans soucis, à destination de Paris!
Et imaginez-vous, tout était déjà réglé pour nous!

  • On a fait un tour avec des arrêts courts et bien étudiés:
    • “Arc de la Défense, Place de la Concorde, Arc de Triomphe et Champs- Elysées,
    • La Tour Eiffel,
    • pas de bagatelle!”
  • Le Centre Pompidou, aussi nommé Beaubourg, un bâtiment coloré, au toboggan d’une piscine, on a pensé

Mais non…on s’était trompé…c’étaient les escaliers!

  • Les Galeries de La Fayette, nous les avons seulement ‘vues en passant’, les hommes entre nous trouvaient ça amusant!!!
  • Le Château de Versailles, fascinant - et ses jardins, énormément!
  • Montmartre avec ses rues serpentées, le Sacré-Coeur et ses escaliers - d’où on a normalement une vue splendide sur Paris, mais malheureusement un peu de brouillard était de partie!
  • Pour caresser les seins de Dalida, nos hommes ont eu de la chance….
    Mais….. ils n’osaient pas…….je pense!

En tout cas, nous avons vu beaucoup, nous étions contents!

Pour encore mieux jouir de toutes les curiosités de Paris, j’ai une idée:
Un jour, nous allons y retourner!

Stefan, Iris et Janitor, pour vous on applaudit, on vous donne un grand merci!
Acceptez nos appréciations, notre voyage était très bon!

Verslag Lens et Arras


Verslag 1


Le 17 mai: le jour de notre voyage d’études. Ce matin, mon réveil sonne à cinq heures moins le quart. Il fait encore noir, mais ça promet de devenir une belle journée avec beaucoup de soleil. Mes amies viennent me chercher à six heures moins le quart. Le départ à St.Nicolas est à six heures et demie avec un autobus à étage. Le voyage peut commencer.

Nous nous sommes arrêtés à Courtrai pour un arrêt sanitaire et pour boire un café.
A huit heures et quart nous partions de nouveau direction Nord de la France. Dans l’autobus Stefan nous a raconté beaucoup de la ville de Lens. Je trouvais ça très intéressant.

A Lens nous avons visité Le Louvre. On y trouve environs 200 oevres de peintres et sculpteurs. Dans le musée il y a un contrôle
sévère, mais d’ une manière polie.

A 14 heures et quart notre groupe est parti en autobus vers la Carrière de Wellington. La visite était très intéressante et amusante aussi parce que nous devions porter un casque. Après on est rentré au centre de la ville pour une promenade.Après Lens, nous sommes partis pour la visite à Arras. La Grande-Place date du onzième siècle.
Pendant notre temps libre, mes amies et moi nous sommes allées à l’office du Tourisme pour obtenir des informations touristiques. Il était aussi temps pour manger quelque chose. Moi, j’ai choisi un sandwich avec du poulet chaud et de la salade. C’était savoureux.

  • A 18.30 heures il était temps pour le souper. C’était très agréable et très délicieux.
  • A 20 heures il était temps pour retourner à la maison. C’était une journée très magnifique, grâce aux professeurs Stefan et Iris. Mille fois merci.


Verslag Ghent - historical tour

It was a sunny Saturday morning when we drove to Ghent for the historical tour. We met the other students from Sint -Gillis - Waas at the Friday Market. Just one problem, there was no guide. Anne (our teacher) made a phonecall and several minutes later, Steven our guide arrived.
He took us on a tour along the most beautiful sights in the historical centre of town. Our guide had wonderful stories to tell (rather than just dates of events). We had a great time and learned a lot.

At noon we all had lunch, time to know each other better !

Later that day we went home, some of us very late ;) Everybody enjoyed , it was a real success and we are looking forward to our next school trip !

Verslag Ghent by light


Last Friday, we visited Ghent by Light. Patrick, our teacher invited all the students of the English class to visit the city. We decided to go by train. We had an appointment with our guide at 7.45 p.m at the Belfry. The weather was fine. 

We all arrived on time, the guide gave us a warm welcome in English. Yes, that evening we were supposed to be British tourists... no problem. We all were ready to visit Ghent by light.

The guide told us : as soon as the evening falls, the city transforms into a great light show. All the monuments and the medieval houses are lit by thousands of lamps and spotlights. It was exciting to see. Buildings, places, ... you never paid attention to during the day, were now in the spotlight, you couldn't resist to look at it.

We started our promenade at the Belfry. The Belfry is the proudest symbol of the city's independence. The Cloth Hall was built next to the Belfry. On the same place we also saw the Saint Bavo Cathedral from the outside. In the Cathedral you can admire the Mystic Lamb, made by the Van Eyck brothers.

We continued our promenade. We walked through narrow, little, authentic streets and arrived at the 'Vrijdagsmarkt'.

The ' Vrijdagsmarkt' is a large, open place, with in the middle the statue of 'Jacob van Artevelde'. He was a great hero. He will be looking out forever over the city for ever. Behind the statue you can see the Baudelostraat. In this street you can admire very beautiful houses... and stores. The whole street is lit and this light creates a fine atmosphere.
On ‘The Vrijdagsmarkt’ there are plenty of restaurants and cafés. There you'll find the most famous tavern ' Dulle Griet'. Here they serve more than 250 Belgian Beers.

We continued our walk and went to the famous streets of 'Patershol'. This place is the medieval heart of the city. Little houses are transformed into restaurants, taverns, exhibition spaces, ...Yearly the city organizes the 'Patersholfeesten ', don't miss it.

Ghent is not only a historic city, you'll also find very modern buildings. We visited the City Pavilion, a very modern version of the City Hall. It was very special to find such a modern building in a medieval city.
There was also a small, long street with graffity art, a place for professional artists to show their works in open air.
Finally we arrived at the most romantic place of the city : the Graslei and the Korenlei.
Today this medieval place is the meeting place for young and old, for inhabitants and visitors. You can take a rest at one of the café terraces or simply on the water. You'll admire the beautiful medieval buildings, which are reflected in the river. In the evening when the weather is fine, every one gathers here for a drink and a talk.
The guide took us to a nice hotel, the Marriot Hotel. It is a very modern hotel behind a medieval facade. In the lobby you can see a beautiful piece of art in which glass and light become one.
We wanted to stay there for one night....but in the end we decided to go home.

Maybe everybody was a little bit tired, but very satisfied. Thanks to the guide, she explained everything very clearly ... It was a real pleasure to listen to the information she gave us.

It was a good idea to visit Ghent by night ... by light...
So don't leave Ghent anymore at sunset !


Verslag Zurbarán

La época de Francisco Zurbarán es la de la Contrarreforma y por lo tanto tuvo muchos encargos de cuadros para los conventos de diferentes congregaciones religiosas. Pintó muchos santos, frailes, y temática religiosa en general. La Virgen se convierte también en protagonista: la pinta de niña, de madre de Jesús y de Inmaculada.

Es relevante el tratamiento que hace de las diferentes tonalidades del blanco tanto en telas como en tazas o el blanco del cuerpo muerto de Cristo tan diferente del blanco casi transparente de las flores y el del cordero.
Zurbarán vivió en Sevilla donde tuvo un taller en su casa donde trabajaban aprendices pintores. Empezó a buscar clientes y les hacía ofertas, o sea 5 cuadros por el precio de 4 por ejemplo. Así empezó a ser conocido y a tener cada vez más éxito después de quedar demostrado su arte.

Nos ha gustado mucho ver los cuadros de esta exposición en Bruselas, descubrir el detallismo y la modernidad de muchas de sus composiciones y haber conocido a este pintor español que forma parte de los grandes artistas de España.

Verslag Valladolid

In mei 2013 kregen we onverwachts bericht van de Fundación de la Lengua española dat we 10 studenten konden blij maken met een beurs om twee weken Spaans te studeren in Valladolid.


Er was veel interesse voor het aanbod. Recent hebben vijf van onze cursisten van een Spaans taalbad genoten. Ze kwamen heel enthousiast terug.

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